Minecraft Build Recreates Bloodborne’s Yharnam On An Epic Scale

ytsfreeSeptember 16, 2022

One Bloodborne fan recreates the city of Yharnam on an epic scale in Minecraft using creative mode and shaders to get the perfect look.

One Bloodborne fan decided to recreate the city of Yharnam on an epic scale in Minecraft. Minecraft fans are impressive when it comes to building epic things in-game. Many fans use the title as a creative outlet and test the limits of what they can build. Players are also no strangers to crossing over other games into Minecraft, like the complete Pokémon map one fan set out to complete.

One of the main draws of Minecraft is the building aspect, but fans are wanting more from the 11-year-old Mojang title. The new biomes that were introduced in The Wilds Update left fans wanting to see more and did not give them the number of new materials that they were anticipating. That isn’t to say that there were no new materials added with the update. The update provided new ways that fans could express their creativity with the addition of mud, mangrove trees, and more. Fans were able to build impressive bases and even sought to use the trees as a refuge when the mobs hit. Treehouse builds in Minecraft became a popular way to fight off mobs during the night and a way for builders to come up with impressive works of in-game art.


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YouTuber Potomy shared a time-lapse of what it took to build aspects of Bloodborne‘s epic metropolis of Yharnam (via PC Gamer). A few pieces are built, and they are still working towards building the city out more, but they have put around 80 hours into the build already. They build in creative mode and the amount of detail that goes into the work is incredibly impressive. Potomy, otherwise known as Parking_Price6980 on Reddit, used reference pictures to make sure they had the overall structure and look of the build just right, and then went through and added details that they thought would amplify the look in Minecraft. Their eventual goal is to make this a playable area for other Minecraft fans to enjoy.

Potomy’s Build Looks Like It Came Straight Out Of Bloodborne

In order to get the exact look, Potomy also included some popular Minecraft shaders and mods that helped add to the ambiance of the game. It goes without saying that Minecraft and Bloodborne are drastically different games in more than just gameplay. The dark dreary world of Bloodborne is a stark contrast to the bright and cheery blocks of Minecraft. The builds were all done in cloudy weather with a gray background, which made the aesthetic of Bloodborne fit the Minecraft world even more.

The popularity of Minecraft seems to be one that stands the test of time. For the last 11 years, fans have continued to push the envelope of what is possible and built truly impressive structures. Though there is no sign that fans will ever get a Minecraft 2, the original game will always be one that cultivates creativity, and a place for Minecraft fans to enjoy massive-scale builds from their fellow players.

Source: PC Gamer, Potomy/YouTube, Parking_Price6980/Reddit


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