Netflix’s Do Revenge Is The Teen Comedy We’ve Wanted Since Mean Girls

ytsfreeSeptember 18, 2022

Netflix’s Do Revenge pays tribute to teen comedy Mean Girls and other teen classics, while still managing to be original and find success on its own.

Netflix’s Do Revenge is a teen comedy that has finally lived up to the high standards of Mean Girls. Starring Camilla Mendes and Maya Hawke, Do Revenge is a dark teen comedy that plays on the plot of Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. It pays homage to the Mean Girls era of teen comedies too by putting a modern twist on classic tropes, such as high school cliques and hierarchies.

Do Revenge sees Eleanor (Hawke) and Drea (Mendes) become unlikely friends and attempt to take down each other’s enemies. In a revenge-fueled series of events, accompanied by Do Revenge‘s very fitting soundtrack, Drea and Eleanor attempt to salvage their reputations and bring down the mean, popular clique of the school. Taking Mean Girl pranks to a new level, Drea and Eleanor form an unlikely friendship in Do Revenge and battle with their identities at the same time.


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Do Revenge pays homage to some classic teen comedies, and the Netflix movie is what audiences have been waiting for since Mean Girls. Teen comedies are often hit-and-miss, and they cannot all be praised as a classic but recently no teen comedies have even come close. Even new teen comedies that remake the old classics are not performing well, as, for example, He’s All That was a remake of She’s All That and still could not impress critics and audiences alike. Do Revenge manages to encompass the teen comedy classics without being another copy of them, and its success proves new titles could live up to the same quality as Mean Girls.

How Do Revenge Pays Tribute To Mean Girls (& Other Classic Teen Comedies)

Do Revenge pays tribute to Mean Girls in both subtle and obvious ways, the most obvious is when Eleanor arrives at Rosehill school. When Gabbi (Talia Ryder) proposes a tour, Eleanor says, “As a disciple of the ‘90s teen movie, I’d be offended if I didn’t get one” and in true Mean Girls style, Gabbi runs her through the cliques of the school ending with the popular group. Director and writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson packed Do Revenge with ’90s teen comedy Easter Eggs, with ’90s classic Clueless being represented through the plaid uniform of Rosehill and Drea’s classes being in (Cher) Horowitz Hall. Other teen comedy classics are the inspiration for Do Revenge, including Heathers’ particularly nasty mean girls, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’s fashion, and moments between love interests like in 10 Things I Hate About You, such as Drea and Russ’ (Rish Shah) paint-fight scene.

Mean Girls seems to inspire Do Revenge in multiple ways, from the blurred line of who is actually a good person, to losing identity and mirroring scenes, such as the chaos in the halls when Max (Austin Abrams) manages to save his reputation. Max mirrors Regina George in many ways and the other student’s obsession with him is very similar. Do Revenge has a shocking ending and pays tribute to Mean Girls and other teen comedies perfectly. Do Revenge still manages to be very original, making it the teen comedy audiences have been waiting for since Mean Girls.


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