One Eternals Secret Proves They’re Objectively Better Than the Avengers

ytsfreeSeptember 4, 2022

While the Avengers face off against supervillains, Marvel Comics’ ancient aliens the Eternals dedicate their lives to protecting the Earth itself.

Despite fighting evil and often working to protect the innocent, the Eternals have a huge philosophical divide from Earth-bound heroes like the Avengers. While Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are often able to fight off threats to the planet, the Eternals are a custom-built system thousands of years old with the longevity of Earth at the very core of their existence.

Created by the Celestials, the Eternals are a living system built to keep their rivals the Deviants under control and the human race alive. The Eternals are governed by three rules – protect Celestials, protect the Machine (aka Earth), and correct excess deviation – which they must follow as a biological imperative, with no choice in the matter. Despite being individuals, the Eternals are immortal, with all their personalities and relationships dictated by the Celestials to best serve their function.


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2009’s Fall of the Hulks: Alpha (from Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier) finds the Marvel villain group known as the Intelligencia burgling Olympia, the famed home of the Eternals. Rather than utilizing their brawn to take on an imminent threat, Eternals Ikaris, Zuras, Makkari, and Thena are doing something far more productive. The four Eternals have been working to remedy the hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, which is responsible for shielding humans and plants alike from harmful radiation. However, the Earth’s ozone layer is not the only matter of importance under the watchful eye of the Eternals, as Olympia itself proves to house the famed Library of Alexandria, with the Eternals having rescued its books before it was burned.

It’s clear that rather than just fighting supervillains like the Avengers, the Eternals are constantly fixing the Earth’s problems and safeguarding humanity’s greatest achievements. Unlike heroes like Reed Richards and Tony Stark who have singularly failed to prevent existential threats such as climate change or cure major diseases like cancer, the Eternals have spent thousands of years hard at work protecting the planet and guarding humanity’s breakthroughs. What’s more, they do this on their downtime while not actively fighting threats to the planet, while the Avengers apparently have time for group barbecues and complicated personal lives.

As well as having some of the most versatile, most powerful abilities in the Marvel Universe, the Eternals are fully committed to protecting humanity while simultaneously undoing the ways it has harmed the planet. While the Avengers are impressive heroes, they react to emergencies and rarely find the time to be proactive. While the Avengers deserve to be celebrated, the Eternals‘ achievements are on another scale, proving that they’re the greatest heroes Earth has to offer.


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