One Quote From Each Character That Sums Up Their Personality

ytsfreeSeptember 18, 2022

As season 13 of Archer finds the agency being taken over by a huge corporation, the series is honoring Jessica Walter by soldiering forward, according to H. Jon Benjamin. As the voice of Malory Archer, her absence will be noticed by viewers as her void is filled by conglomerate International Intelligence Agency which is sure to cause a different set of problems for the employees.

With a new boss, the characters are bound to have new experiences and conflicts, but will remain true to their snarky nature. The characters of Archer have distinct personalities that shine through the dialogue, making for memorable moments and one-liners.


10 “I Pay You To Make Other People Sorry.”

Len Trexler

As head of rival spy agency ODIN, Len Trexler is one of Malory’s former lovers and potentially Archer’s father. He is a capable leader with the office having better funding and technology compared to ISIS. During season 8, he has a larger role as the most powerful mobster in Los Angeles.

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Trexler only supplies funding. He doesn’t do any of the hard lifting when it comes to the spy agency or as a mob leader. He thinks money will get him whatever he wants including Malory. At one point, he buys ISIS to convince her to marry him.

9 “I’m Going To Kill And/Or Murder Sterling Archer.”

Barry Dylan

Barry is obsessed with getting his revenge on Archer for shattering his femur during a mission and ending his career. Throughout much of the series, he remains Archer’s biggest archenemy. Murdering the spy is his sole focus that it should come as no surprise when he states his objective even as a cyborg.

Often showing two personalities, Barry has suppressed his feelings for Archer to become his friend, but it only made his second personality that much more violent. Even if Barry no longer viewers Archer with hatred, “Other Barry” is not taking the high road to become friends.

8 “Yeah, Basically Candy Corn And Zima.”

Dr. Krieger

Dr. Krieger’s lab is full of questionable experiments including clones and devil dogs. He is not even a real doctor. However, everyone still expects him to run tests and somehow be knowledgeable about medical subjects. When Krieger becomes suspicious of Archer experiencing no side effects from his chemo medication for breast cancer, he runs a few tests and determines the drugs are counterfeit and essentially “candy corn and Zima.”

He does a great job making everyone forget he’s not a doctor, questioning how Archer never realized the medication was fake despite Archer having no need to question the authenticity. Even though he has no medical training, he’s quite competent in the lab.

7 “My Whole Thing Is I Just Crave Attention.”

Cheryl Tunt

Cheryl is a wild card. She is an impulsive, violent, masochist. She openly admits to craving attention which makes her outbursts less and less surprising. The things she says, and her actions encourage shocking reactions from her boss and coworkers.

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Having grown up with money and no responsibility, her desire for attention started at a young age. Even announcing she wants attention is a ploy to gain attention. Cheryl will gain attention through any means necessary through obsession, sex, violence, and drugs. Nothing is off limits.

6 “Frickin’ Head’s Pounding, I’m Sweatin’ Booze…”

Pam Poovey

No topic is off limits for the head of Human Resources. Pam is very open about her thoughts and feelings, holding nothing back no matter if it’s inappropriate. Though her mouth is killing her because she tried to stuff four billiard balls into it during a night of drinking with her coworkers, Pam’s workplace confession is right on par with her past behavior.

Pam is a hot mess who can turn any situation dirty or inappropriate. She is impulsive with no filter, leading to her air her dirty laundry as one of the funniest characters on Archer.

5 “But I’m Gonna Write A Book About This Place.”

Ray Gillette

Ray is a genuinely good person in comparison to some of his coworkers. Though he shows little regard for Archer, he volunteers to rescue a kidnapped Pam and is good friends with Lana. However, he is always the butt of the joke. Malory refers to him as “Ms. Gillette” and he’s verbally abused.

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Writing a book about his experience working at the agency is the cherry on top to reveal everyone’s secrets and poor behavior. He may have lied about being paralyzed and felt no remorse for his actions, but they have treated him far worse.

4 “Because I Happen To Be A Kick-A** Accountant!”

Cyril Figgis

Cyril is a sad, timid man lacking the confidence needed to fit in with the other people at the agency. He’s unable to keep up with the banter, and he’s too nice to make truly mean comments to others. When he claims he’s a kick-a** accountant, he’s still not confident and confesses the line didn’t sound as good out loud as it did in his head.

He’s very intelligent and shows growth throughout the series, but Cyril’s lack of confidence is always showing. Even if he is a great accountant, he would still be underappreciated for his talents because his ability doesn’t match the strength and violence of Archer and Lana.

3 “Get Your Gear, Shut Up Again, And Start Walking.”

Lana Kane

Lana takes her job seriously. She keeps Archer on task to complete missions. She complains when Slater comes up with a needlessly complicated plan. Unfortunately, conflicts regularly happen between coworkers, making it unsurprising when Lana yells at Archer and Cyril to stop arguing.

With her dominating personality, Lana is basically a babysitter for immature coworkers, always showing more responsibility and logic. Though Archer can easily set her off, she remains to be the most levelheaded in the agency even if Lana is sometimes a terrible person.

2 “Get Your Bloated Carcass In Here!”

Malory Archer

Malory is darkly funny as the head of the agency. She always puts down her employees and her son. Archer inherits his snarky personality from her. She regularly attempts to reel in the behavior of her staff but rarely succeeds in upholding any threats.

Instead of telling her to come into her office, she chooses harsher language to reprimand Pam for going through her desk. Unfazed by comparing her to a dead carcass, Pam tells Malory she wouldn’t have gone through her desk if she just closed the door. Malory will remain a hilarious, sarcastic character preserving Jessica Walter’s legacy.

1 “Lana, It’s Cashmere. There Are Rules.”

Sterling Archer

There are two things Archer loves: making fun of his coworkers, and fashion. Archer prides himself on his appearance. When noticing enemy agents wearing his signature black turtleneck, he takes credit. He becomes sarcastic to Malory after fashioning a loincloth from doll clothes.

So, when trapped in an elevator, he becomes outraged after he realizes Cyril’s vest is cashmere and no longer wants to use it to soak up Pam’s urine. He even apologizes. For someone who consistently makes fun of Cyril, he respects his cashmere garment, trumping his desire to mess with his coworker.

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