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The Woman King has been making waves since its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month and, more recently, its theatrical release, leading the box office with a $19 million debut weekend. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, the historical epics stars Viola Davis as General Nanisca, the leader of the Agojie, an all-women team of warriors tasked with protecting the West African Kingdom of Dahomey in early-19th Century.

One of the biggest triumphs of The Woman King, in addition to its story and action sequences, is its ensemble cast, which features some of the most talented actors working today. From Viola Davis to John Boyega, here’s a look at the cast of The Woman King and other roles you may have seen them play.


Viola Davis

Three-time Academy Award-nominee, and Oscar-winner for Best Supporting Actress, Viola Davis has done it all. She’s been in superhero movies, played heroes, villains, gone to space. She’s played doctors, donned a Habit, played a detective, and even found out how to get away with murder. Here are some of the titles you may recognize her from. Her topped-billed projects are the 2016 Oscar-winner Fences and the 2011 Oscar-winner The Help. She has also starred in Widows, and plays the infuriating leader of the DC Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller, starring in Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad, and Peacemaker TV series. One of her classic roles, of course, is Annalise Keating in the hit television series How to Get Away With Murder. And in her earlier breakthrough movie roles, she starred alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman, Meryl Streep, and Amy Adams in the Doubt. Now, in 2022 she stars in her most intense action role as Nanisca the leader of the Agojie Warriors.

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Thuso Mbedu

Thuso Mbedu plays Nawi in The Woman King, one of the newest and fiercest Agojie trainees. This film, in fact, marks Mbedu’s feature debut, having previously starred only in a handful of TV series. That being said, with her performance in The Woman King — which, per Gold Derby, is already garnering Oscar buzz — the future definitely looks bright for the South African actress. Her most notable role prior to the film is Cora Randall, the lead in Barry Jenkins’ Amazon series The Underground Railroad.

John Boyega

British actor John Boyega famously portrayed one of the first Storm Troopers who could actually aim in the Star Wars sequel trilogy: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker. In between those movies, he starred in the 2017 period drama Detroit, and also portrayed Idris Elba’s son in the sequel Kaiju epic Pacific Rim: Uprising. Before his trip to space, Boyega also starred in the 2011 alien invasion movie Attack the Block. Apart fromThe Woman King, Boyega has one more film coming out in 2022 called They Cloned Tyrone. The Woman King sees Boyega playing King Ghezo, who, with the Agojie’s help, is trying to move Dahomey is the right direction for its people.

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Lashana Lynch

Action star Lashana Lynch has been acting since 2007. She has appeared on multiple television shows like Still Star Crossed and Crims, but her claim to fame came from her portrayal of Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel. Playing Carol Danvers’ (Brie Larson) best friend and wing-woman, she also went onto portray Captain Marvel herself in the Multiverse chaos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While being inducted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lynch went onto play Nomi alongside Daniel Craig’s James Bond in No Time to Die, becoming the first woman ever to hold the 007 title. Lynch is set to play the beloved Miss Honey in the musical adaptation of Matilda, and is tied to two other projects in production. In The Woman King, she plays Izogie, one of Nanisca’s strongest warriors, who also becomes a mentor to Nawi.

Shelia Atim

Shelia Atim has not only made waves on the silver screen, but carved a place for herself in theater as well. Starring in the 2020 National Theater Live recording of Les Blancs, Atim knows how to have a big presence. In the same year, she acted alongside Halle Berry in the MMA story Bruised. In 2021, she portrayed Mable in the TV miniseries The Underground Railroad, and was featured on Comedy Central’s Drunk History. This year, Atim has also been in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness as Sara, one of the protectors of the Kamar-Taj. Continuing in this year alone, Atim is also set to star in the live-action version of Pinocchio. In The Woman King, she plays Amenza, Nanisca’s confidante and right-hand woman.



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