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ytsfreeSeptember 15, 2022

With the latest season being its 30th, the Power Rangers franchise has been quite successful and is a name now familiar across multiple generations. The announcement of its newest season, Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, has been welcomed with exceedingly positive reactions by excited fans. A series spanning a significant number of years, the American version of the Power Rangers franchise began back in 1993, based on the Japanese tokusatsu series Super Sentai. It has since evolved with time, involved multiple elements, and seen the Rangers take on different battles in various environments.

Its latest season promises viewers yet another exciting journey, with an element of familiarity still attached. Showrunner and executive producer of the current season, Simon Bennett, will be returning to the same roles in Cosmic Fury. Writers Becca Barnes and Alywn Dale will also be rejoining the new season. While some may have hoped for fresh eyes and a unique approach in the coming season, Cosmic Fury promises a new setting and intriguing storyline, hopefully giving the latest season an added flair.


Here’s all we know about Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury.

Cosmic Fury: The Plot

Per the current showrunner Simon Bennet, the latest season of Power Rangers will see the team take on bad guys in outer space. It will also continue the storyline of the current season, Power Ranger: Dino Fury. Given that the franchise has always had a history of venturing into alien worlds, the information given by Bennet becomes an exciting tidbit for fans.

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The news became all the more important as the outer-space seasons aired during the ’90s, with only a few journeys interspersed into the series since then. A season that focuses primarily on the space theme would be an interesting take that fans are sure to welcome with open arms.

Giving more insight into the narrative of the latest season, an official synopsis has been released by Hasbro’s entertainment studio, eOne. The description reads:

“In “Power Rangers: Dino Fury,” an army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth threatening life as we know it. The team of Power Rangers, fueled by the prehistoric power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat. The adventure continues in “Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury,” with the team heading out to space!”

Cosmic Fury: The Cast

Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury will not be bringing in a brand-new cast. This is the first time the franchise has decided to bring back the same Rangers for a third season since 1993. Instead, the latest season is set to form its team by bringing back the entire main cast from Power Rangers: Dino Fury. The returning cast members include Russell Curry, Hunter Deno, Jordon Fite, Kai Moya, Chance Perez, and Tessa Rao.

A Tweet by Hasbro Pulse, published on August 28, 2022, confirms this news, stating:

“…For the 1st time since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the current cast will be returning for a 3rd season!”

Given that the Power Rangers: Dino Fury has been treasured among many fans of the franchise, the fact that the same faces will appear in the latest installment will, no doubt, work to ensure a more than loyal following for the franchise’s latest season. With fans over multiple generations having had many memorable moments with the characters, the new season will be a chance for fans to see how the characters tackle new challenges in a new environment.

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The decision not to take on a new cast has also been received on a positive note due to the fact that fans have continuously treasured the franchise’s decision to retain characters, as this allows viewers to gain insight into the various characters’ growth and development over the years. The opportunity to bring back the Dino Fury cast was valued not only by fans but also by showrunner Simon Bennett. He stated:

“Since the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury, this team… has broken the mold of the franchise in many ways,” said Bennett. “It is exciting and humbling to be able to continue the story of these characters in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.”

Similarly to fans, the chance to return and reprise their roles in the 30th season of Power Rangers has meant a lot to several cast members. In conversation with Screen Rant, cast members Jordon Fite and Kai Moya expressed their sentiments at the opportunity to return. Responding to a question, Fite said:

“ Man, this is an honor. It’s an honor in itself, man. First of all, it was a season of firsts, and this just set the bar even higher. Going back for a season 3, which hasn’t happened since the original Mighty Morphin? Like, how crazy is that? I’m very honored and glad to be a part of this journey.”

In the same interview, Fite explained how he sees a connection between the two seasons, Dino Fury and Cosmic Fury. When questioned regarding the title given to the season, the significance of it, and what it may mean for the narrative, Fite responded:

“It’s a leap, because in our show we did Cosmic Gateway. As soon as that happened, I knew it was something that was related. I’m like, “That is a perfect title, Cosmic Fury.” And because we were already breaching the cosmic gateway—especially me, when I found the shadow key.”

Release Date

Filming for the season is set to begin this fall, with Cosmic Fury to release in 2023. There’s quite some time to wait before we see our beloved Rangers take on outer space, but until then, we still have half a season of Power Rangers: Dino Fury to help us through. The second half of the current season will be airing on September 29, 2022, on Netflix!


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