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ytsfreeSeptember 7, 2022

Cars on the Road is an upcoming computer-animated adaptation series based on the Cars franchise, produced by Pixar for Disney+. The original Cars film followed race car Lightning McQueen in a race against The King and Chick Hicks for the Piston Cup Championship. When he falls out of his trailer, he finds himself lost in a town called Radiator Springs and befriends its residents, Sally, Doc Hudson, and Mater. When the time comes for him to leave, he finds himself belonging in Radiator Springs.

Following its success, there have been three Cars movies and two spin-off movies: Planes and Planes: Fire and Rescue. Following the story of the talking cars, Cars on the Road is directed by Steve Purcell, Bobby Podesta, and Brian Fee, all of which were also involved in the previous Cars projects. Marc Sondheimer is producing and previously worked on other Pixar projects like the award-winning movie Coco. The series is composed by Jake Monaco, who was also behind the music in Flora & Ulysses and The Stinky & Dirty Show.


The series follows the original characters of the original 2006 movie Lightning McQueen and Mater as they hit the road for nine episodes. The show was announced in 2020, and from what we know of the past Cars franchise, we can expect to be taken on an epic road trip full of fun, adventure, and unexpected twists with a great cast reunited.

Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about Disney and Pixar’s Cars on the Road.

Cars on the Road: The Plot

Pack your bags because we’re off on a cross-country trip. The plot follows the Radiator Springs gang, who are gathered around at Flo’s V8 Cafe when Mater announces that wedding bells are ringing and he will be out of town as his sister is getting married. In a brilliant and exciting idea, McQueen suggests that he joins, so off they go on their crazy journey. Along the way, they make stops at different attractions like the World’s Largest Lug Nut and even a giant dinosaur made out of car parts.

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The trip would not be complete without making new friends and butting heads with enemies as viewers join them racing through the country. Cars on the Road will be an exciting and adrenaline-fueled journey with plenty of spontaneity to keep us hooked. You can’t beat the brilliant friendship between McQueen and Mater and their wild and fun ideas.

The rest of the plot details are kept under wraps for now, but viewers can easily use their imagination of all the things that could happen (and go wrong) on a cross-country trip. Although to give us a bit more of a hint, the trailer is now available, showing McQueen drifting through the desert and teasing Mater to a race.

Cars on the Road: The Speedy Cast

Owen Wilson is returning at Lighting McQueen, who competed in the World Grand Prix in Cars 2, though is now retired, which we found out in Cars 3. Now he’s a mentor who teaches the next generation of race cars. Fans also might recognize Wilson’s voice in animated movies like Fantastic Mr. Fox, Marmaduke, and Free Birds. Lightning McQueen wouldn’t be the same without his best friend Mater, played by Larry the Cable Guy, who has starred in Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, Delta Farce, and Witless Protection.

Although McQueen and Mater don’t exactly see eye to eye in the first Cars movie, their friendship slowly develops, and now we can’t imagine the franchise without them together. Cars on the Road will also present us with some familiar faces: Sally Carrera, the town’s attorney and McQueen’s love interest, played by Bonnie Hunt, who will be known for her appearance in the Cheaper by the Dozen movies, Jumanji and The Green Mile; Ramone, played by Cheech Marin, who has also appeared in The Lion King and Oliver & Company; and the hippie Volkswagen campervan, Filmore, played by Lloyd Sherr, who is known for his role in the longest running History Channel show, Modern Marvels.

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Some shiny new cars will also be joining the crew, including the giant monster truck Ivy, played by Quinta Brunson. Additionally, characters from the Planes films appear in Cars on the Road, including Dusty Crophopper, Ned, Zed, Leadbotttom, and El Chupacabra.

Release Date

Fans do not have long to wait for this nine-episode series, as they will soon be able to stream Cars on the Road exclusively on Disney+ on September 8, 2022. Even more good news, all nine episodes will be released at once, so there is no hanging around each week left on a cliffhanger. This makes the series the perfect binge-watch.


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