Pokémon: Misty’s Best Pokémon, Ranked

ytsfreeSeptember 11, 2022

Misty is known as the hot-headed, water-type Cerulean City Gym leader. She also holds the distinction of becoming the first companion to join Ash on his journey to becoming a Pokémon Master. Misty has proven to have great skill in battle, commanding her Pokémon with precise fury to attain victory. Here we will look to see which of these Pokémon is the best of her team.

Thanks to Misty’s specialization in water types, audiences are treated to a variety of the Kanto region’s best water-type Pokémon. Misty had participated in many battles, whether against Ash, who was looking to receive his second gym badge, or when she fought in a tournament to determine who would get to keep the Pokémon Togepi. Misty had also shown much grace, using her Pokémon in races, such as when she won the Tour de Alto Mare in Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias (2004).


6 Psyduck

Many fans are familiar with Misty’s Psyduck, as this Pokémon would always leave its ball despite Misty wishing it to stay put. Psyduck suffers from permanent headaches, which cause it to learn water-type moves with great difficulty but would also trigger its latent psychic abilities. Psyduck has been shown to possess great endurance, often taking many blows to the head and only responding with incredibly powerful psychic blasts.

Psyduck was initially taken in by Brock, who wanted to cure him of his headaches. Still, when it was discovered this wasn’t possible, Brock gave Psyduck to Misty, hoping that Misty’s specialty with water types would lead to more fruitful results. While Psyduck constantly tested Misty’s patience, she would eventually help Psyduck improve, with the Pokémon even learning the move, Water Gun, and effectively using its psychic abilities to take down multiple opponents at once.

5 Corsola

Corsola would prove to be a powerful addition to Misty’s team. Catching Corsola after helping to save a herd of them, Misty looked forward to training this new water type into becoming a staple of her gym. And with Corsola’s determination and Misty’s strategy, Corsola would often defeat opponents that would otherwise outmatch her.

Such was the case when Misty competed in the Whirl Cup Tournament, where she would use Corsola repeatedly, first using their Spike Cannon move to take out Harrison and his Qwilfish, and then using the environment and the powerful Spike Cannon move to take out a much stronger Gyarados. It was shown that Misty had a lot of faith in her Corsola, as when she returned to her duties as a gym leader, we would often see Corsola in the rotation for gym battles.

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4 Starmie

Misty would often use Staryu instead of Starmie, likely because she wished to train Staryu to be ready to evolve. Add in the case that seemingly whenever Misty wishes to use Starmie, Psyduck pops out instead, and this powerful Pokémon was criminally underused throughout the anime.

That said, Starmie did seem to carry one characteristic that made it worthy as one of Misty’s best Pokémon, that being its speed. Starmie was always used to help the group escape a sticky situation or whenever Misty needed a Pokémon to compete in a race. Starmie carried itself with grace, as seen when Misty left them at the Cerulean gym to participate in her sisters’ ballet.

3 Politoed

Though audiences didn’t see Politoed in action very much after its evolution, we did see this Pokémon from its humble beginnings as a Poliwag. This Pokémon has shown extreme loyalty to Misty, having helped her to cure her friends of paralysis before allowing itself to be captured. Poliwag also displayed immense bravery, often attacking anyone who means its friends harm with a Water Gun move.

Poliwag’s loyalty would lead to its evolution to Poliwhirl, doing so to help Misty win a battle. After proving itself against a Poliwrath, Misty contemplated evolving her Pokémon, but did so by complete accident. Her Poliwhirl would end up with a King’s Rock and, through a complete coincidence, be transferred from one Pokémon center to another, triggering its evolution into Politoed. A phenomenon that would intrigue many Pokémon Professors.

2 Togetic

Originally discovered as an egg, this Togepi would be highly sought after it had hatched. With a four-person tournament taking place, Ash would go on to win the tournament only for the group to discover that the Togepi had already imprinted on Misty, as she was the first person it had seen when it hatched.

Togepi would initially only be known for using defensive maneuvers like Charm and Safeguard. Still, it would learn how to use Metronome after witnessing a Drowzee use the move. This move would be the wild card in Togepi’s arsenal, often ending with Togepi using powerful moves such as Explosion, Teleport, or Earthquake. Togepi would eventually evolve into Togetic to help protect the Togepi of the Mirage Kingdom. Knowing how vital this responsibility was, Misty would release Togetic, though it is not uncommon for previously released Pokémon to come back for a guest appearance in the future.

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1 Gyarados

This Pokémon represents immense growth in Misty’s character as she had been terrified of the Pokémon since she was a little girl due to the fact that she had almost been swallowed whole by one such creature. Despite this, Misty took her responsibility as a gym leader seriously and faced her fear of trying to tame a Gyarados that had been rampaging in her gym. This wouldn’t be achieved until Misty earned the creature’s trust by taking a Poison Sting attack meant for Gyarados.

The bond the two had shared grew immensely over time, as displayed when Misty used Gyarados in a battle against Ash’s Pikachu, an electric type that would typically carry a significant advantage. Misty and Gyarados would fight as one, with intense strategy. Even when faced with potential defeat, Misty would reveal that her Gyarados could mega-evolve, effectively increasing their strength to an incredible degree. This clearly shows why Gyarados would be the best of Misty’s Pokémon.


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