RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Claims She Didn’t Give Heather Gay Black Eye

ytsfreeSeptember 3, 2022

In the RHOSLC season 3 trailer, Heather Gay unveils a black eye. A fan questions Whitney Rose if she was responsible for her cousin’s shiner.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 trailer showed Heather Gay unveiling a black eye and Whitney Rose claimed she wasn’t responsible. Whitney and Heather starred in RHOSLC since season 1, and they often had each other’s backs during drama within the cast. The two cousins shared a similar experience with their Mormon background and having to leave their community after making life choices that went against the church. Whitney and her husband Justin Rose were both married when they had an affair while working together and was excommunicated from the church. Heather chose to leave the church on her own after her divorce and realized she struggled with the doctrine.


Whitney and Heather also had in common their difficulties with their castmate Lisa Barlow. During RHOLSC season 1, Lisa claimed she didn’t know who Heather was, despite going to school together. Later, she told castmates that Heather was a “good time girl” and partied throughout college. Whitney also wasn’t a fan of Lisa’s condescending nature and the two butted heads when the Wild Rose Beauty creator criticized Lisa’s Vida Tequila company. Whitney was accused of being a pot-stirrer in RHOSLC season 2 with the many arguments she started with the other cast members, but her friendship with Heather remained strong.

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RHOSLC fans were shocked when Heather took off her sunglasses in the season 3 trailer and revealed that her left eye was swollen shut. As she showed her black eye to her castmates, they gasped in surprise. Lisa told Heather that it looked like somebody “clocked” her, and she replied, “Maybe someone did.” The trailer didn’t reveal what happened to Heather and Twitter user Real Housewives Gifs tagged Whitney and asked her “Did you do this yes or no.” Whitney responded, “No! Of course not.”

In the RHOSLC season 3 trailer, Whitney and Heather were seen getting physical with each other for the first time. While the two were screaming at their castmates during a heated moment, Heather grabbed Whitney and threw her against a wall. Whitney looked shocked and was left speechless. It looked as if Heather just got caught up in the heat of the moment and wanted Whitney out of the way, but fans were left wondering if that caused friction between the cousins.

The RHOSLC trailer promised a lot of explosive drama for the upcoming season. One of the biggest storylines is bound to be Jen Shah’s legal battle and her changing her plea to guilty. Heather stood by Jen throughout season 2 as she claimed she was innocent to her cast members. Whitney also supported Jen through her troubling time and didn’t question her innocence. However, she was the first to look up Jen’s charges online after the feds surrounded their limo bus on the way to Vail, Colorado. Whitney has never been afraid to stir up drama in The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but she has made it clear that she would never lay hands on her BFF cousin Heather.

Source: Real Housewives Gifs/Twitter


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