September 8, 2022 Hints & Answer

ytsfreeSeptember 8, 2022

September 8th’s Wordle puzzle continues the theme of using double letters. However, the solution is a fairly common word that can be identified easily

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Wordle seems to be carrying on the theme of using double letters in its answers, and September 8th’s answer is no exception. For a third time this week, Wordle has thrown a word that will throw off players because of the repeating letters at the end. While the word itself is very common, players can exhaust their attempts due to the number of possible answers. However, if players figure out the repeating letter and a few additional confirmed spots for others, they might be able to solve the puzzle without sacrificing their daily streak.


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Today’s answer can easily be guessed without using Wordle‘s hard mode. However, players who like an additional challenge are encouraged to use this mode to figure out the correct positions of a few letters. However, the harder mode can take cost players valuable time if they are in a hurry to solve today’s puzzle. Therefore, most players tend to use the regular mode; however, due to the much more relaxed rules, players have a higher chance of using all of their attempts to solve the answer. Therefore, players using the regular mode should take full advantage of the hints provided below as they will point them toward the correct answer.

Today’s Wordle Hints (September 8th #446)

Solving answers with double letters can be difficult as it can take a few attempts to determine their correct positions. Sometimes, players aren’t even able to identify the repeating letters, as many players like to use random starting words in their first few attempts. However, today’s answer can easily be solved by using non-spoiler hints so that players don’t have to waste their attempts on random guesses:

  • Hint 1: students meeting regularly to study a subject
  • Hint 2: Will was late for his Math ___ (fill in the blank)
  • Hint 3: often used to describe a social rank
  • Hint 4: high quality

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 8th #446)

The September 8th Wordle answer is CLASS.

Figuring out today’s Wordle answer didn’t require playing the harder mode as starting words, such as ‘ROAST,’ helped identify the correct position of two confirmed letters. The word that helped identify the two repeating letters was’ SLAPS.’ But this is where players can exhaust their attempts due to the number of possible answers. To figure out the answer, the lucky guess ‘GLASS’ was able to locate all but one confirmed letter. Since the puzzle revealed the correct position of four letters, it was easy to identify CLASS for today’s Wordle answer.

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