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ytsfreeSeptember 21, 2022


Several social media posts, pictures, and memes, which have been viewed millions of times online, claim The Simpsons continues to prove they have that crystal ball magic by predicting the exact year and date Queen Elizabeth II died.

Viral social media posts suggest creator Matt Groening and The Simpsons writers knew what was about to happen. The first major TikTok video to go viral with 16.8 million views included a scene from season 15, episode 4, called “The Regina Monologues,” where the Simpson family goes to the United Kingdom. While driving around, Homer Simpson’s car crashes into the back of the queen’s carriage and sends it toppling over. The video zooms in on a piece of paper in the carriage that reads “8.9.2022,” which happens to be the date of the monarch’s death in real life. Some people were amazed by the accuracy of the so-called “prediction,” but many others were quick to point out that the video had been edited, and the date didn’t appear in the original. Twitter users reshared the video too, with some believing the prediction, but others debunked it.


Another post that went viral featured The Simpsons’ version of Queen Elizabeth II in a coffin. That post has been viewed, shared and commented on millions of times across Twitter, TikTok and Reddit, suggesting that The Simpsons predicted in 2014 that the year of her death would be 2022. Further digging revealed it was faked version of a previously manipulated image. A picture of Donald Trump lying in a coffin in an episode of The Simpsons has been another source of prediction rumors for years. According to PolitiFact, this image foreseeing the death of Donald Trump seems to have originated from 4Can. In the image, the former president has been switched for Elizabeth II, and a headstone of sorts has been added on top.

Some Swear The Simpsons Have Done It Before

Although Queen Elizabeth II has been portrayed in six episodes of The Simpsons, only “The Regina Monologues” saw her in danger. In this episode set in London, there were quite a few high-profile cameos from Brits playing themselves, including then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, actor Sir Ian McKellen and author J. K. Rowling.

Some Simpsons fans also believe the show predicted the outbreak of monkeypox. A clip dating back to 1995 seems to show Bart and Milhouse both getting sick after playing with a monkey. Season 7, Episode 3, “Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily” sees a monkey crawl over Bart’s head which gives him lice, meanwhile, Milhouse notably has a fever and gets sicker as a result. Others were quick to point out that monkeypox was nothing new since the first case was diagnosed in humans in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1970.

Over the course of the long-running cartoon show’s 728 episodes, there have been many notable examples of when The Simpsons‘ gag or storyline did come true. These include a mention of President Trump in the episode Bart to the Future,” the Disney and Fox merger predicted in 1998’s “When You Wish Upon a Star” and the COVID-19 pandemic in 1993’s “Marge in Chains.”



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