Sylvester Stallone Covered Up Tattoo Of His Wife’s Face With His Dog Amid Split, But Almost Went For A DC Hero Instead

ytsfreeSeptember 7, 2022

In late August, it was revealed that Sylvester Stallone’s wife of 25 years, Jennifer Flavin, had filed for divorce, and one of the big indicators that there was trouble brewing between the couple was Stallone having covered up a tattoo of Flavin’s face on his shoulder. In that spot, Stallone now has the face of Butkus, his late dog who appeared in the first two Rocky movies. In the midst of this split though, it’s been revealed that Stallone almost replaced the tattoo of Flavin’s face with a DC Comics superhero instead.

Mike DeVries, the man who gave Sylvester Stallone the tattoo of Jennifer Flavin’s face years ago and a number of other tattoos, informed People that the Rambo actor got in touch with him last year to see about changing the Flavin tattoo into a certain Themysciran princess. In DeVries’ words:

I already knew that he wanted to do something, because last year he emailed me, called me, and we discussed talking about making Jennifer Flavin into [Wonder Woman].


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