The Best One-Off, Single Movie Characters

ytsfreeAugust 26, 2022

The engine is roaring, coming to life, the racers size each other up, and the crowds cheer ecstatically — we all know the drill. The Fast & Furious series seems to gather it all: the amazing music, the cast of A-listers, epic heists, and, of course, the best cars. Starting as an underground street-racing flick about an undercover cop, Fast & Furious developed into one of the highest-grossing movie franchises.

As it grew, the series jump-started several actors’ careers: it established Paul Walker as a leading man, introduced Michelle Rodriguez to wider audiences, and was one of Gal Gadot’s first appearances on screen — just to name a few. Nowadays, a part in a Fast & Furious movie is like a guaranteed ticket to stardom, as Anna Sawai notes in her interview with Elle. Each film expands the universe, so the need for new characters only rises (though, admittedly, nowadays there are more already well-established actors than lesser known ones.)


Another Fast & Furious issue that is often pointed out is exactly the existence of so many names. The universe is so populated that it becomes convoluted, and instead of developing the existing parts, the franchise just constantly introduces new ones. With Tyrese Gibson stating that the franchise is going back to its roots, can it mean that the tenth installment will bring some of the older fan favorites? There are definitely some passing characters but here is a list of characters that appeared in one Fast & Furious movie and who we as viewers would be beyond delighted to see again.


Leysa appeared in F9 as Dominic Toretto’s old friend. Some time ago, she and her sister Cara met Toretto in the Dominican Republic. The three became fast friends, with sisters assisting Dom in stealing gas tankers for the locals. After the affair, Leysa has quickly risen through the ranks and turned into the leader of an all-female paramilitary group. Portrayed by the amazing Cardi B, Leysa is refreshing, charismatic, and fatally fun. She is set to appear in Fast X, but there is definitely potential for her to appear in other movies, like a very possible prequel focused on younger Dom’s shenanigans.

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Carter Verone

Back when the stakes were somewhat lower, and there was a place for local drug lords to be major antagonists in the franchise, Carter Verone, accent notwithstanding, proved to be an actually menacing bad guy in 2 Fast 2 Furious. U.S. Customs started investigating Verone but to actually bring him to justice, two more agents had to go undercover to help the agent Monica Fuentes. The scene with him threatening a dirty cop with a rat was positively chilling, and Brian admitting that the justice system would probably never manage to hold him for long — meaning it’s a sure thing he would soon come for vengeance — all laid out the great groundwork for his return but alas.

Brixton Lore

Okay, okay, technically Brixton Lore has only appeared in the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, however, taking into consideration Idris Elba’s charisma, it counts. Black Superman was a former MI6 agent who worked alongside Deckard Shaw until the latter shot him in the head during their confrontation. Eteon saved Lore and equipped him with several cybernetic enhancements, creating an unstoppable super soldier out of him. Fast & Furious turned on a blockbuster almost-superhero path a long time ago, and a robo-supervillain fit the narrative amazingly, even if only for one movie.


Elle, portrayed by the talented Anna Sawai, is a new addition to the Fast & Furious Family. Elle is Han’s protégé and a key character of F9, as she is literally the key to activating Project Aries (her parents locked the access to the project in their DNA). When she was a child, she was saved and trained by Han, thus becoming a formidable fighter. At the end of the movie, she joins Toretto’s crew, so she will definitely be appearing on our screens again. Moreover, she would be a great addition to an all-female Fast & Furious spinoff if that actually ever happens.

Agent Monica Fuentes

The second movie rarely ranks first on anyone’s list of favorites in the Fast & Furious franchise, however, this installment had a lot of potential. One of the highlights of the movie is the mysterious Monica Fuentes, played by Eva Mendes. A noir femme fatale sunny-Miami-style, Fuentes is a U.S. Customs agent who goes undercover as the drug lord’s assistant — and falls for charming Brian O’Connor in the process. So far, Agent Fuentes only appeared as a cameo in a post-credits scene, but she certainly deserves more action.

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Death means practically nothing in the Fast & Furious universe. Letty allegedly dies in the fourth movie and Dom even avenges her only to find out she has been alive this whole time. Death of Han in Tokyo Drift is a dramatic moment that sobers up both main characters and viewers… Turns out, it was staged. With all of that, it just seems a shame that one of the few characters that stayed dead is sweet endearing Jesse who made a stupid but understandable mistake and paid dearly for it. Jesse is a relatable genius with ADHD, and he was a very welcome presence in the much grounded first The Fast and The Furious film.


Easygoing and always ready with a witty retort, Suki, depicted by Devon Aoki, was everything: an expert driver, ambitious, and unapologetically girly. Her customized hot pink Honda S2000 stands unbeaten as one of the best cars in the whole franchise.

It is actually on display as a temporary exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

To this day, Suki appears routinely on inspiration boards and TikTok aesthetics, being proclaimed the icon of the early 2000s for her style, artistry, and drive (pun intended).


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