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Uranos, Thanos’ terrifying grandfather, has a very distinct appearance from his fellow Eternals, and there is a specific reason for that.

The terrifying Uranos, Thanos‘ great-uncle who is one of the most powerful and dangerous Marvel villains, has a very distinct appearance from his fellow Eternals, and there is a specific reason for that. Uranos was created by the Celestials for two terrifying purposes: to be the Eternals’ boogieman, and to carry out genocidal actions if needed.

Uranos actually made his debut a long time ago, in a story in 1980’s What If? #24 that showed for the first time the Eternal Patriarchs. However, it’s only thanks to Kieron Gillen’s recent redesign of the Eternals and their lore that Uranos became a prominent character and a major villain. In Eternals: The Heretic #1, (by Kieron Gillen, Ryan Bodenheim, and Chris O’Halloran) Thanos, who was at the time the leader of the Eternals, discovers that their prison, the Exclusion, still holds the most dangerous member of that race to ever walk the Earth, his great-uncle Uranos. The similarity between the two is so great (they both share visions of genocide and universal purge) that Thanos even starts referring to Uranos as his grandfather, highlighting their kinship. Uranos also shares with Thanos a peculiar appearance that makes them more similar to the faulted Celestial offshoot of the Deviants rather than to the perfect Eternals, and there is a very specific reason for that.


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On his Tumblr account, Kieron Gillen has been answering questions regarding his Eternals run, a couple of them concerning Uranos too. One fan asked why Uranos has blue skin and red eyes, to which Gillen answered: “Celestials presumably wanted to make someone who was really scary looking.” Another one asked how was Uranos able to attack Earth during the climax of the Judgment Day event, when the Eternals’ “Second Principle” states that they are forced (by their Celestial genetic coding) to protect “the Machine” (Earth). Gillen answered that “The physiological Second Principle is solely about the infrastructure that is the literal Machine. [Uranos] can scour Earth of all the fleshy humans and their pitiful cities to his heart’s content“.

When compared to the recent revelation that his fellow Eternals see Uranos as Satan himself, Gillen’s answers on Tumblr give further depth to this fascinating character. The Celestials created the Eternals as a perfect system made of living beings, one where each individual has a specific purpose. Uranos looks different because he is meant to be scarier than his brethren. “Satan” means “adversary” in Hebrew, and that’s what Uranos is for Eternal society: the personification of evil as a force of destruction. To reinforce that role, the Celestials made Uranos capable of exploiting a loophole in their programming, which allows him to perform acts of genocide.

Uranos’ destruction of Arakko in one hour confirmed that he is, indeed, the personification of death and destruction. It is also interesting to note that, in his first appearance, Uranos had a much different look, so there is some deliberate decision-making behind his redesign. Uranos quickly established himself as one of Marvel’s most fearsome villains and, just like his nephew Thanos, the design of the character has a very specific purpose that is connected to his origins and to his apocalyptic purpose.

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