The Exorcist’s Ellen Burstyn Reveals The Surprising And Awesome Reason She Signed On For The Upcoming Sequel

ytsfreeAugust 27, 2022

The Exorcist is considered one of the scariest movies not just of the 1970s, but of all time, and memorable horror stars have been wowing audiences of late with big comebacks – like how the recent Halloween sequel trilogy brought back Jamie Lee Curtis. Ellen Burstyn, who played the mother of the demonically-possessed child in the 1973 horror film, is now becoming a part of this trend by starring in the Exorcist sequel that is scheduled to come out next year, and she has revealed the surprising and awesome reason why she decided to sign on for the upcoming project.

While Linda Blair has the most iconic role in The Exorcist as the terrifying Regan, Ellen Burstyn’s character goes through plenty in the movie, having to fight her daughter as she’s taken over by a demon and witness the horror she inflicts on herself and others. In a Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter, the 89-year-old actress explained why she decided to take on the upcoming legacyquel after rejecting multiple offers. She explained,

I’ve turned down many versions of The Exorcist 2. I’ve said no every time. This time they offered me a whole bunch of money and I still said no. And then they surprised me and they came back and said, ‘We doubled the offer.’ I said, ‘OK, let me think about this.’ I thought, ‘That’s a lot of money. Let me think about it.’ The next thought that came to mind was: ‘I feel like the devil is asking my price.’ And the next thought that came to mind was, ‘My price is a scholarship program for talented students at our master’s degree program at Pace University. That’s my price.’ So I then went back and upped their up and ended up getting what I want. And I’ve got a scholarship program for young actors.


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