The Originals: Mikaelson Siblings’ Endings, Ranked

ytsfreeSeptember 15, 2022

After over a thousand years of roaming the Earth, The Originals finally gave the Mikaelson siblings conclusions as the series ended. While some passed away as the show ended, others were granted happier endings and futures. The final season tested the Original siblings when they were forced to stay apart, and Elijah’s last season remained a gift and a curse for the noble Original. After Henrik, the youngest Mikaelson sibling, died due to a werewolf attack, Esther transformed the rest of her children, other than Freya, into vampires. Freya, however, spent her life as a witch, eventually trying to escape her evil Aunt Dahlia.

Over the centuries, the Mikaelsons had their ups and downs. Although they had found a home in New Orleans at one point, they had been forced to flee and temporarily remained in Mystic Falls before their grand return to the French Quarter in The Originals. But, their lives together had been rooted in conflict, betrayal, and an intense family vow. Season five finally began wrapping up and hinting toward how things would resolve for the Original siblings. However, when the series finally ended, which of the Mikaelson siblings had the best or worst endings?

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6 Finn

Finn had one of the most tragic lives of the Mikaelson siblings. While the rest of the Originals got to live their lives on and off, experiencing the excitement of centuries-changing and technological evolutions, Finn remained in a coffin for over 900 years. Unfortunately, he did not get to experience much as Klaus, and the rest of the group determined that Finn’s hatred for what they were and closeness to their parents made him a danger to himself and them.

Finn’s life came to a quick end in The Vampire Diaries, and his resurrection in The Originals aroused his desire for revenge against his siblings. Finn’s final death has him surrounded by his siblings as Finn pleads to die because he does not believe anyone should live so long. Unfortunately, Finn never even got the chance to feel like a significant part of the family, and it seemed the others barely thought of him as such outside of blood relations.

5 Elijah

Had Elijah’s arc in the final season of The Originals played out differently or never happened at all, he definitely would have ranked higher on the list. As it stands, Elijah’s final season on The Originals mostly feels dangerously against everything he ever believed in. The choice to remove his memories to protect his family from the Hollow that rests inside him and his own inability to leave his siblings means Elijah gains a new life and priorities in the years he is separated from Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, Freya, Hayley, and Hope. Elijah’s death comes after he plays a role in Hayley’s untimely self-sacrifice.

When Elijah dies beside Klaus, it is because Klaus’ death means that with Klaus’ redemption, Elijah believes he no longer has a purpose. Of course, Klaus and Elijah never fully acknowledged the co-dependence they had toward each other, but Elijah’s choice to die alongside Klaus when he still has three living siblings and a niece to look out for is pretty decent proof of it.

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4 Kol

As one of the primary siblings who seemed to understand and acknowledge just how messed up the Mikaelson family dynamic was, he is also the first to take a step toward his happiness. When Kol knows he wants to be with Davina, he is not afraid to leave New Orleans with her and propose, even knowing his siblings would not be able to attend the wedding in person, given the Hollow that rests inside them and Elijah’s memory loss.

When Kol returns in the series finale, he does so, understanding he wants to participate in Klaus’ final send-off and get his closure with Klaus. Kol’s ending is solidified in Legacies when his appearance shows he still has a decent relationship with his remaining family members and confirms he is still with Davina, even though she is absent.

3 Freya

It takes a while for Freya to gain the trust of her siblings. But, once she does, Freya is easily an essential family member. Not genuinely interacting with them until The Originals means she has skipped out on the centuries of Mikaelson conflicts, giving her a slightly different way of looking at their relationships and her own with each of them.

Freya had helped Hayley raise Hope and, in the final episodes of The Originals, had gotten married to her wife Keelin and had gotten Vincent to agree to be the biological father to her and Keelin’s child. Freya’s first appearance on Legacies reveals Freya and Keelin had the baby, a son named Nik after Klaus.

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2 Rebekah

Although Rebekah had accepted life as a vampire, all she wanted for centuries was to be human. Rebekah wanted to grow up and have a family. But, as a vampire, Rebekah could never truly have either. In The Vampire Diaries, there is a chance at it when everyone searches for the cure to vampirism in season four. However, Rebekah loses out on the cure. The series finale of The Originals, however, reveals that may not entirely be true. Due to the prison world storyline in the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries and Stefan giving the cure to Damon, it is available to be taken in the next few decades, and Klaus has made a deal with Caroline for Rebekah to receive the cure when Damon dies.

Rebekah’s ending also shows a massive development in her relationship with her siblings and Marcel. Klaus had always hated the idea of Rebekah becoming human, while Elijah had been weary. But, after all that they have gone through, Rebekah’s relationships with all her siblings, while still complicated, tend to be in a healthier place than they had been since they were humans. As for her romance with Marcel, she accepts his proposal, another happy ending that gets confirmed in Legacies​​​​.

1 Klaus

As tragic as it is for Klaus to die after all the development he had gone through, it was fitting to see someone who had once been so selfish in his immortality determine that his daughter’s life was worth giving it up. Klaus’ final night had him having one last happy night with his family for them all to remember. Klaus had worked things out with his siblings, and his goodbye to Hope is filled with devastating uncertainties as neither knows how to say goodbye given the circumstances.

But, Legacies also builds on Klaus’ ending, creating a closure that The Originals may not have been able to. Klaus’ fate at the end of The Originals is undetermined. Unlike Stefan and Damon, it is not confirmed that Klaus and Elijah end up in Peace. Legacies fixes that, revealing that Klaus had found Peace and then, going as far as to show him there, delivering one last emotional message to Hope, giving her, Klaus, and the audience the last remains of much-needed closure.


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