Ticket To Paradise Reviews Are Online, And Critics Are All About The George Clooney And Julia Roberts Pairing | YTS YIFY

ytsfreeSeptember 19, 2022


Reviews are pouring in for Ticket to Paradise, and hardcore fans of the romantic comedies likely know where all of the buzz is centered. We’ve seen a great number of brilliant pairings between A-list actors in the genre, but we somehow have gone this long without seeing George Clooney and Julia Roberts star in one together. Suffice it to say there are people invested in seeing how this one pans out, especially given Clooney doesn’t often appear in funny love stories

The good news is that it seems like most every critic is all-in on George Clooney and Julia Roberts (who also doesn’t do a ton of rom-coms anymore) in Ticket to Paradise – even if they aren’t all-in on the movie as a whole. News.com.au’s Wenlei Ma indicates that while the movie itself might feel a tad generic, Clooney and Roberts absolutely rectify that with their performances:

Because Clooney and Roberts are on form. This is exactly the genre in which they can dial up their charms to 12, turn on the full wattage of their charisma and distract you from the fact that the movie itself is generic, predictable and loses momentum about midway through. But there are often such low expectations of rom-coms that even a passable, formulaic one can be seen as to have fulfilled its promise just by existing. And if you add Clooney and Roberts, then it’s a cut above merely amiable.



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