To the Moon Review: A Psychologically Thrilling Tale of Two Brothers

ytsfreeSeptember 15, 2022

“Thanks for sticking it out with me.” Such a simple line keeps so much weight in a low-budget but hard-hitting film like To the Moon — whose title derives not from outer space, but from that little line we utter to loved ones (“I love you to the moon”). In the first moments of the film, Dennis (Scott Friend) thanks his girlfriend Mia (Madeleine Morgenweck) for “sticking it out” with him, and we slowly learn why: To the Moon explores a weekend getaway gone wrong. The couple’s makeshift retreat ultimately becomes a hallucinatory nightmare after Dennis’ estranged brother (the scene-stealing Will Brill) arrives unannounced and begins toying with their senses while distorting their sense of reality. It’s a slow-burning thrill ride that will surely appeal to a niche audience.


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