What Jennifer Garner Was Up To As Ben Affleck And JLo Married For The Second Time

ytsfreeAugust 30, 2022

As long as there have been celebrities, the public has followed famous couples. And no famous pair has quite as much hype and adoration right now as Bennifer 2.0. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently tied the knot in Vegas, before having a big wedding party and second ceremony in Gerogia. And now we know what Jennifer Garner was up to as Affleck and JLo exchanged vows for the second time.

While Ben Affleck and JLo were a hot couple in the early 2000’s, they spent years away from each other after their split. During this time they both got married and had kids, with the Batman actor having this experience with actress Jennifer Garner. The Alias icon co-parents with Affleck, while also supporting him during speed bumps on his sobriety journey. But Garner wasn’t at the Bennifer wedding, and according to Page Six she spent that day shopping including a stop at Sam’s Club. 


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