What We Hope to See in the Third and Final Season

ytsfreeSeptember 16, 2022

Since its premiere in January 2020, The Owl House has quickly become a fan favorite as it managed to delight audiences and critics alike with its witty mix of comedy, horror, and heart. The show follows a young female teen named Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles) as she navigates a mystical world. Upon encountering a portal in her Human Realm, she’s led to The Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm, where magic and mystical creatures are real.

While there, she meets a witch named Eda (Wendie Malick), also known as the Owl Lady, and King (Alex Hirsch), her sidekick and self-proclaimed “King of Demons.” Despite having no natural magical abilities of her own, Luz is taken under Eda’s wing, who teaches her the ways of magic, eventually creating a de facto family with her newfound friends.


As the show progresses, Luz manages to flourish as a witch. Despite being human, she’s able to adapt to the world around her and procure magical abilities via glyphs. By the show’s finale, she managed to come face to face with one of the most powerful witches in the realm, Emperor Belos (Matthew Rhys), whom she and her friends encounter as they foil his plot to destroy the Boiling Isles and return to the Human Realm. Following the finale, however, viewers were left with many questions regarding the fate of many beloved characters.

Are Luz and Her Friends Stuck in the Human Realm Forever?

When viewers last saw Luz and her friends, they were narrowly escaping death as the Collector destroyed the ground beneath their feet. While the Collector managed to aid in their quest to stop Emperor Belos by reversing his spell, such an action forced them through the portal, leading them into the Human Realm to survive. As they crossed through the portal, it was destroyed behind them, leaving them stranded without any means of returning home.

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Furthermore, they were left with no way to communicate with those back in the Demon Realm. Luz and her crew of magical friends then show up on her mother’s doorstep in the rain before the show cuts to its credits without further explanation or hints as to how they might return.

Given there is no natural magic in the Human Realm, and with the portal seemingly destroyed in the finale, it’s a mystery as to how the group will return to The Boiling Isles. More than likely, Eda will join forces with those in the Demon Realm and find a way to retrieve the group. However, given the state of The Boiling Isles, it’s hard to know for sure.

Is Emperor Belos Still Alive Somehow?

Having traveled to the Demon Realm before the events in the show take place, throughout the course of season 2, viewers learn Emperor Belos was, in fact, a human named Philip Wittebane (Alex Lawther) who traveled from the Human Realm many years prior. Hoping to return home but stranded and unable to adapt to the realm, he grew resentful of witches and magic and set out to destroy them. Thankfully, his plans were thwarted during the finale by the Collector, who reduced him to a pile of slime.

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However, unbeknownst to Luz and her friends, a slimy portion of Belos fell onto the shoulder of Hunter (Zeno Robinson) just before the gang crossed into the Human Realm. While clearly less powerful than before, Belos successfully returned to the Human Realm as intended, which leaves the fate of Luz and her friends up in the air. Having destroyed his original plans and reduced him to mush, surely Belos will not be happy with the group if he’s able to regain a bodily form and obtain any power or strength in season 3.

Will Luz, Eda, and King Eventually be Reunited?

While Luz may have reunited with her mother in the Human Realm, the question regarding her de facto family remains open-ended. The last time viewers saw Eda, she was alive but missing an arm, and while she’s likely to be okay, she’s completely in the dark as to the whereabouts of Luz and King. It’s uncertain how she’ll be able to help, given her condition leading into the final season.

King’s status, however, is more ambiguous. He seemingly sacrificed himself to protect Luz, who was barely holding together the mangled portal so her friends could make it through to safety. His deal with the Collector reversed the spell cast by Emperor Belos, but it required that he adhere to the Collector’s wishes and stay behind to “play the game” he promised to play once Belos was neutralized. Viewers can only hope the de facto family will be reunited in the end, given everything the trio has been through. However, having just been reunited with her mother, Luz may want to stay put.

Unfortunately, despite its wild popularity with fans, Disney announced they would be ending The Owl House with an abbreviated season 3, which will consist of three 44-minute specials. The first of the final three episodes will air on The Disney Channel on October 15, 2022, while the final two episodes will follow sometime at the beginning of 2023. Hopefully, the very shortened final season will give viewers enough closure to feel satisfied with its ending.

In the meantime, viewers can catch previous seasons of The Owl House on The Disney Channel or the Disney+ app.


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