Why Audience Hopes Are High for the Newest Knives Out Mystery

ytsfreeSeptember 17, 2022

Move over Poirot because it’s Murder Benoit Blanc wrote! According to critics and festival goers at the 2022 annual Toronto International Film Festival, Rian Johnson has done it again with his second, apparently standalone whodunit murder mystery, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Some reviewers even claim that Johnson has outdone himself after the overwhelming success of 2019’s Knives Out.

Against all expectations, Johnson has reportedly crafted a more surprising, righteous, and utterly delightful film than his 2019 whopping success, Knives Out. It has been described as one of the best mysteries to hit theaters and come from an American market since the glory days of film noir. Movie-goers are excited to know soon they will see an even more promising addition to the Blanc-Verse in just a few short months.


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery stars Daniel Craig as the gentleman sleuth Benoit Blanc, in what critics are already referring to as the best performance of his career, as well as Madelyn Cline, Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monáe, Dave Bautista, and Leslie Odom Jr. Ethan Hawke is also rumored to have an unknown role in the film. Here is why audiences can’t wait to check the movie out.

Glass Onion Takes Us to the Mediterranean

It’s no wonder Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig never want to stop making Knives Out movies. The sequel takes place in the beautiful Mediterranean oceans of Greece. The characters are seen congregating on a lavish boat packed with guests, even more outlandish than that of the first movie. After completely wrecking the spoiled and elite New England descendants of a famous thriller novelist, Benoit Blanc will be moving on to sunnier pastures as he tackles the gasp-worthy, thrilling and twist-ridden problems of a new group of social elites.

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Set to a rock version of a classical Italian aria, Glass Onion’s trailer is slick, carefully crafted, and teases the kind of drama that apparently only rich people could concoct. However, other than some fantastical parties, items breaking, weapons out, big messes, and even a massive fire, as well as some accusatory staring from some of the characters, particularly Edward Norton’s patriarchal Bron, the trailer doesn’t give us anything else to go on regarding the plot’s specifics. Critics have likewise been tight-lipped since the movie’s TIFF premiere.

An Unforgettable Ensemble Cast

Glass Onion will introduce audiences to Miles Bron (Norton), Birdie Jay (Hudson), Whiskey (Cline), Cassandra (Monáe), Duke Cody (Bautista), Peg (Henwick), Clair Debella (Hahn), and Lionel Toussaint (Odom Jr.), a cast of no-holds-barred characters whose relationships with each other are not entirely clear. We will miss Knives Out star Ana De Armas, as she has a busy schedule while filming Marilyn. Meanwhile, critics have raved about the movie’s fantastic assemblage of characters, saying that their chemistry and legacy will be even more hilarious and entertaining than ever.

We know so far that Miles is a man of action with a problem concerning arrogance and self-dramatization. Claire is in the midst of a big political power play in government. Fashion mogul Birdie and her unappreciated, both emotionally and financially, assistant Peg serve as comic relief. And Odom Jr. is said to be downright funny in his role as a scientist.

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We can expect a lot of social satire and significant contrasts and exaggerations, as Johnson is one to take society’s most overlooked sins and indulgences and turn them into absolutely comical punch lines in beautiful cinema.

Early Reviews

​​​​​​​But the movie’s not all fun and games at an exotic locale with some of the coolest names working today in the business. The Hollywood Reporter had something to say about the movie’s more poignant and righteous themes that follow suit after the first movie’s blow of justice, saying, “This picture offers more action, more delicious comeuppances, more daring design and a few genuinely surprising cameos just for good measure.”

Following its recent TIFF premiere, critics have heaped lavish praise on Johnson’s latest striking achievement, both for its noteworthy and elegantly coordinated comedy and its dealing with more relevant subject matter. RogerEbert stated, “It’s all just so much fun. There’s a contagious aspect to the ensemble in that one can easily tell that they just had a blast making this movie on a Greek isle with dialogue as incredibly smart as Johnson’s.”

Critics are particularly enamored by Craig once again and Janelle Monáe, whose role in the film is predicted to lead to a continually impressive career in film for the budding actress. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is expected to premiere on Netflix late this year. We can’t wait to see the beautiful, eloquently twisted, and hilarious film Rian Johnson has made this time!


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