Why Daredevil Has Earned His Spot as an Avenger

ytsfreeSeptember 13, 2022

Daredevil has been toiling in the minor leagues of streaming since his introduction in 2015. Don’t get us wrong, the Netflix series Daredevil is peak Marvel, and any Daredevil content is welcome with the four-year limbo of the character. There were questions about whether we’d ever see Charlie Cox’s take on the titular hero again. Those fears were assuaged by the official announcement of the upcoming Disney+ series Daredevil: Born Again. It’s great to have Daredevil officially enter the MCU, but the Man Without Fear deserves to be called up to the big team; that’s right, Daredevil needs to join the Avengers.


The Avengers are in a state of uncertainty at this point. Key members of the team are gone. Steve Rogers, Iron Man, and Black Widow have all exited the MCU. There are still some great heavy-hitter characters left to fill out the ranks, as well as newcomers to the franchise. But the team is running thin on marquee Marvel characters, heroes who have been with the brand for generations.

DD has been terrorizing thugs in alleyways and kingpins in high rises since 1964. He is a senior fixture in Marvel, even though his series wasn’t officially under the Marvel/Disney umbrella. Here’s why Daredevil deserves a slot in the Avengers.

Daredevil’s Team Up Experience

Daredevil typically operates as a lone wolf in most of his time on Netflix. Sure, he has his allies, but generally, he goes it alone. That all changed when he teamed up with Elektra in season 2 of Daredevil and, of course, when he headed up the Defenders. The Netflix take on the Avengers formula brought together Daredevil and other solo series stars Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Daredevil was the unofficial leader of the group as they took on hordes of ninjas and undead enemies to, yet again, save New York City and the world.

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Daredevil would be a valuable addition to the Avengers and a solid replacement for the “do what’s right for the group” style of the departed Steve Rogers. Rogers’ moral compass was at the heart of the original Avengers lineup, and Daredevil’s entire struggle is with his own moral code. Bringing in a flawed, darker version of the original Captain America would bring a dynamic to the Avengers that we haven’t seen in their previous four outings.

Cap didn’t have the back-and-forth pull between the darkness and the light to contend with. He was the consummate boy scout, always doing the right thing without question or hesitancy. Daredevil is constantly walking a very thin line of right and wrong.

No Superpowers Needed

We know what you’re screaming at your screen; Daredevil has powers! He does, but they don’t really fall into the superpowers category. He’s an elite hand-to-hand fighter and has heightened senses, but in the end, powers-wise, he’s a slight upgrade from Hawkeye, who, to quote the man himself, “I have a bow and arrow.”

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High percentile fighting ability and a set of Billy Clubs are more than enough to meet the Hawkeye standard. Daredevil’s acute senses of hearing, smell, and touch make him a tick higher than your average powerless Avengers extra. The complete package makes him more than a worthy addition to a team full of super strength, fliers, and spiderlings. Probably Daredevil’s best and most important ability is his power of will. He fights through anything and everything, a much-needed trait when it comes to avenging.

The Avengers Need Some Grit

The Avengers are mostly casually superhuman. They don’t need to dig deep or show a dark side because they can effortlessly throw boulders, stop runaway buses with their bare hands and fly through the air. Their powers don’t require as much effort and determination as someone like Daredevil. A little bit of grit on the Avengers will go a long way and bring a character to the roster that can easily stand out from the rest.

Sure, DD has the heightened senses and the agility of an Olympic gymnast. He can hear you coming a mile away and pick your scent out of a crowd of hundreds. Not anything to sneeze at. But when it comes down to a melee, he relies on sheer force of will to fight through the hordes of enemies the Avengers inevitably face. He would have fit perfectly in the chaos of the Chitauri invasion of the Avengers, the robot onslaught of Age of Ultron, and the Outrider brawls of Infinity War and Endgame. He would have had his work cut out for him, but he would have prevailed thanks to skills and will.

We are years off from knowing who will comprise the next iteration of the Avengers. Between the intervening new series and movies, there will be plenty to choose from to fill out the team. We would pencil in Daredevil as an Avenger without hesitation.


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