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Ashley Jones may have made a name for herself as a cast member of the Teen Mom franchise, but fans have grown tired of her behavior and are ready for MTV to give Ashley the boot. Ashley and her now-husband Bariki “Bar” Smith were introduced to viewers during the spin-off series, Young And Pregnant, in 2018. Ashley and Bar’s initial storylines revolved around the upcoming arrival of their daughter, Holly, as well as the feud between Ashley and Bar’s mother, Shen. In 2020, Ashley, like her Young And Pregnant co-star Jade Cline, who has fought with her boyfriend, joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 to replace Chelsea DeBoer.


Although Ashley has been praised by Teen Mom fans for being carefree and upfront, Ashley is arguably best remembered for being involved in memorable fights. One of the biggest moments of Young And Pregnant season 1 featured a fight between Ashley and Shen that turned into an altercation between Bar and Ashley’s sister, Chris. Ashley, who then argued with Kailyn Lowry, her former Young And Pregnant castmate during the Teen Mom 2 season 10 reunion, later found herself at odds with Jade and Briana DeJesus on another Teen Mom spin-off, Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

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While Ashley’s quick-tempered personality has raised eyebrows since her time on Young And Pregnant, fans of the Teen Mom franchise are calling for Ashley, who’s feuding with Briana, to be fired by MTV after a video recently surfaced of Ashley threatening her landlords. The clip, which was reshared on the Reddit thread u/ButterflyMomm, left fans shocked as she yelled, cursed, and stormed towards an elderly couple’s car when they attempted to discuss an eviction notice. In addition to dozens of people referring to Ashley’s behavior as “trashy,” “embarrassing,” “crazy,” and “abusive,” many Teen Mom fans criticized Ashley for potentially “traumatizing” her daughter with her publicly-abrasive attitude. “Idk how mtv [sic] has allowed her to stay when this is how she conducts herself,” one person wrote. Others questioned how Ashley, who is currently in nursing school, plans to succeed as a healthcare worker when she has been filmed in multiple altercations.

To make matters worse, Ashley’s leaked tirade comes just weeks after Ashley, who wants a new Teen Mom host, and Briana were sent home after physically fighting while filming Teen Mom: Family Reunion season 2. Although Ashley and Briana offered slightly different explanations as to why they were removed, the stars admitted that they got into an altercation that was prompted by a heated discussion between Ashley’s mother, Pastor Tea, and Briana’s mother, Roxanne. While Ashley and Briana’s reported actions and subsequent Instagram feud were both criticized by Teen Mom fans, Ashley was immediately condemned for not only allegedly spitting on Briana, but for engaging despite being pregnant with her second child.

Despite all of Ashley’s transgressions, it’s important to note that she is not the first Teen Mom star to resort to physical violence. Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was shown punching and kicking her former-fiancé Gary Shirley in the early seasons, which led to CPS being called. Kailyn was caught hitting her ex-husband Javi Marroquin on Teen Mom 2, while Jenelle Evans was also involved in several spats throughout her time on the show. Whether MTV eventually cuts ties with Ashley or allows her to continue filming, it’s clear that several stars of the Teen Mom franchise would benefit from working on conflict resolution.

Source: u/ButterflyMomm/ Reddit



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