Why L.C. Deserved To Win Claim To Fame

ytsfreeSeptember 9, 2022

L.C. was the champion of Claim to Fame season 1, and she deserved the $100,000 grand prize that she received. L.C., whose real name is Loreal Chanel Palmer, is the older sister of actress and singer, Keke Palmer. She made it to the season finale of the show, along with the late singer and actor Dean Martin’s granddaughter, Pepper Martin, and country singer Jason Aldean’s cousin, Logan Crosby. L.C. was declared the winner when she correctly guessed Logan’s identity after he had eliminated Pepper by correctly guessing hers.


Throughout the competition, L.C. and Logan were closely aligned. They worked together to uncover the identities of many of their fellow houseguests, sharing clues and theories in order to move forward in the game. L.C. was able to do this while concealing her Claim to Fame celebrity relative’s identity for the entire show. She kept the spotlight off of herself, and was even able to keep her wine room clue a secret for the duration of the game. It was never revealed to her fellow contestants because L.C. won it in the final challenge.

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Throughout the competition, L.C. eventually emerged as a frontrunner. She started out slowly, ending up in the bottom 2 during week one, but then she found some middle ground. She kept herself safe by forming alliances with her fellow houseguests, and not losing competitions. By the end of the game, L.C. had skyrocketed to the forefront of the group, winning several competitions in order to secure her overall victory. L.C. deserved to win Claim to Fame for many reasons.

Claim To Fame’s L.C. Was An Underdog

L.C. began the game as an underdog, ending up in the bottom 2 during the first week with Pepper. She was also in the bottom 2 during week 3. However, because of her strong social game, she was never selected to be the guesser, or to be guessed. During week four, L.C. won her first competition, and then she followed that with wins in weeks 8, 9, and 10. By winning at the end of the game, she received many clues that helped her to figure out the identities of her fellow contestants. L.C had a beautiful transformation on the show, as her competitive spirit and confidence grew. She truly blossomed during Claim to Fame.

Claim To Fame’s L.C. Kept Her Fellow Contestants Guessing

Throughout almost all of Claim to Fame season 1, most of the contestants were convinced that L.C. was actor Laurence Fishburne’s daughter. This was partly because, on episode 1, L.C. lied and told them that her celebrity relative was her father. In an interview with USA Today, L.C. revealed that her original strategy was to speak with a British accent, but she thought, “I know myself and one day I’m just going to wake up early in the morning and just be talking in my regular voice.” Instead of changing her accent, L.C. decided to change the gender of her relative because she “did a lot of research” and realized that “there’s a large pool of older Black male actors. So let’s say that your celebrity is your father, because then the possibilities are almost limitless.”

The Claim to Fame competitors thought that the clues pointed in the direction of Laurence, and that L.C. bore a striking resemblance to him. On the season finale, after all the former contestants returned, they were shocked when she revealed that her relative was female during the Truth or Dare challenge. Once Claim to Fame viewers were informed of L.C.’s true identity, they had fun watching her continue to dupe her fellow contestants.

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Claim To Fame’s L.C. Had Great Knowledge Of Pop Culture

While some Claim to Fame contestants (especially Logan) admitted that they had no pop culture knowledge, L.C. was the best at these competitions. She was able to complete the Six Degrees of Separation competition in under five minutes, because of her knowledge of celebrities. Since she knew so much about many celebrities, L.C. was even able to keep herself safe by pretending that clues about her belonged to other Claim to Fame contestants. In one challenge, she realized that a clue of a palm of a hand was a reference to her last name, Palmer, but she was able to convince the other contestants that it was actually a clue for Amara, Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter. L.C. said that Whoopi played a palm reader in Ghost, and, because the other contestants did not have as much knowledge of pop culture as her, they did not realize that Whoopi’s character was actually a medium.

Claim To Fame’s L.C. Was Loyal To Her Final 2

L.C. had to betray some of her Claim to Fame allies. One person that she wasn’t exactly nice to was Claim to Fame cast member Lark, Cindy Crawford’s niece, in order to move forward in the competition. However, she stayed true to her Final Two partner Logan throughout the entire game. In an interview with People, she said that working with Logan was “such a breath of fresh air,” and stated that he reminded her of her younger brother. She explained, “My brother [is like] my little sidekick, so it was kind of having my brother there with me doing this with me. That actually helped keep me somewhat sane because it was like, ‘OK, I know that I have at least one person in this house that has proven that I can trust them. And so as long as I have that, I’m OK.'”

By staying loyal to Logan throughout Claim to Fame, L.C. was able to gain information from him about other contestants, and, in return, she shared what she knew with him. They worked together to figure out Pepper’s identity, among others. By having a strong teammate, L.C. was able to collaborate with another person, to test out her own theories and gather facts that she did not have. It was a strong strategy.

L.C. was the perfect Claim to Fame winner. She was a contestant who was easy to root for, and L.C. went from the bottom of the competition to the top, gaining confidence throughout the weeks. She worked hard to win games, gain clues, and put together the puzzle pieces, in order to remain in control during the game. L.C. truly deserved to win the $100,000 grand prize.

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