Why Little People, Big World Fans Think Caryn Chandler Is A Narcissist

ytsfreeSeptember 11, 2022

Followers of Little People, Big World sometimes feel like Matt Roloff’s partner, Caryn Chandler, comes across as a narcissist on the show.

Even though Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have been dating for quite a while, Little People, Big World fans can’t help but feel that Caryn is narcissistic. While she has yet to accidentally drown while looking at her own reflection, like the Greek god Narcissus, fans feel she has excessive hubris. Viewers just haven’t bonded with her.

Little People, Big World fans were not surprised when Matt and Amy Roloff’s marriage came to an end. After multiple seasons of turmoil and over 20 years together, the couple decided it was time to part ways. Soon after, Matt started dating the pumpkin patch manager, Caryn. Immediately red flags were raised as many felt Matt had cheated on Amy. It didn’t help that in Amy’s book, she hinted at an emotional affair and at finding photos on her husband’s cell phone. Caryn Chandler had also been married to her husband Joseph Chandler for 20 years, but that, too, ended up in a messy divorce.


Related: LPBW: Why Fans Were Shocked To See Jacob Running The Last Pumpkin SeasonFor seasons Little People, Big World fans can’t kick the feeling that Caryn is really in love with herself and not so much with Matt. During times when TLC cameras are rolling, viewers have been noticing that Caryn enjoys being in the spotlight. She can easily turn a family problem into a Caryn problem.

Caryn Chandler Wants To Be Family

As hard as she tries, Caryn has not yet been accepted by the entire Roloff clan. At times, Caryn has come across as pushy as she has made sure to insert her opinion into family conversations that most of the time didn’t include her. Caryn Chandler has a unique ability to interject herself into Matt’s business with Amy or the children, and fans feel she just can’t help it.

Caryn Is Such A Karen

While it may feel like a cliché, Caryn comes across exactly like a funny “Karen” meme that has been circling around for years. The last season of Little People, Big World showed Caryn trying to control a very sensitive subject—the selling of the family farm. Fans had a hard time understanding why the non-family member was crying over Matt and Zach’s interaction over a business deal.

Caryn Chandler Likes To Plot

There is no doubt in Little People, Big World fans’ minds that Caryn enjoys spinning a narrative that shows her as the victim. Viewers have often questioned how Caryn went from a key worker to dating the owner. Some fans feel that Caryn Chandler has an agenda and could be after Matt’s money. Whatever Caryn’s motive is, she certainly makes sure almost everything is about her.


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